Intern & Resident of the year

2017 Intern and Resident of Year

Our Internal Medicine interns and Residents are looked at strongly not only by our own faculty, but are respected throughout the institution. For the second year in a row our program has had the UTMB GME Intern of the year and Resident of the year. Dr. Trieu one of our categorical interns has stood out from day one. She has stood out clinically and also in research presenting at multiple conferences and has represented our residency well. Dr. Ashkan Zand (not pictured) was chosen as resident of the year. He was known as a well-rounded resident able to deal with the most difficult of patients. Even while in medical school he had a fondness for Endocrinology and immersed himself with the opportunities at this institution. He was well immersed in research and also aided with many diabetic protocols that are used in our EPIC EMR. He matched at a fantastic fellowship at Methodist in Houston.