Bedside Ultrasound Initiative

Ultrasound is becoming as commonplace as stethoscope use in patient evaluation. Only a handful of the nation's internal medicine programs incorporate bedside ultrasound training into their curriculum. UTMB's Internal Medicine Residency has taken the lead in implementing bedside training, ultrasound conferences and simulation courses as part of its curriculum. Here is a summary of what UTMB Internal Medicine has to offer:

Simulation Lab ultrasound guided training:

All Internal Medicine residents at UTMB are enrolled early in their training in our ultrasound simulation course. All staff are trained in central line placement, thoracentesis, paracentesis and lumbar puncture, all using ultrasound guidance. It is the perfect preparation for residents to get ready to do these procedures on their own patients under supervision.

Ultrasound Simulation Courses using Sonosim Device:

We started a $15,000 project for teaching bedside diagnostic ultrasound, using the SonoSimĀ® method to provide integrated hands-on ultrasound training, didactic instruction, and regular assessment. Both comprehensive yet easy to use, all residents will have online accounts to give them specific feedback and track their progress. Using this system you will be able to:
  • Get the experience of anytime anywhere hands-on ultrasound training.
  • Improve your image acquisition skills.
  • Correctly interpret ultrasound images.
  • Diagnose conditions bedside which will help you develop the treatment plan.
  • The system includes training courses in:
    • Fundamentals of Ultrasound
    • Basic Cardiology
    • FAST Protocol
    • Intestinal & Biliary Ultrasound
    • Vascular Access

New Ultrasound Equipment to Improve Patient Care:

The Internal Medicine program recently purchased four new ultrasound machines at the cost of over $40,000, each stationed on inpatient ward floors for ease of access during daily rounds. Whether you want to use them to guide your procedure or perform preliminary imaging at the bedside, all teams will have guaranteed access to ultrasound at all times.

Bedside ultrasound conference:

As part of our focus on improving ultrasound skills and knowledge, we started a new monthly bedside ultrasound conference. During the conference we will be teaching techniques, discussing images and residents will have the opportunity to share their experiences and images.

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