Quality Improvement

A formal quality improvement education curriculum for residents has been implemented and a variety of resident-run quality improvement projects are currently ongoing in both the ambulatory and inpatient arenas. This stems from our program's commitment to delivering state of the art quality healthcare and our mission to educate residents in delivering the highest quality care possible as they work in the interdisciplinary environment of a major hospital network. As part of the curriculum, we promote modules delivered through the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, an independent not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a leading innovator in health and health care improvement worldwide.

Below is a sample of our continuity clinic quality improvement projects currently ongoing. All of these projects were presented at the 2013 UTMB Quality and Research Symposium:

Continuity Clinic, Resident-Specific, Data-Based Practice Improvement Projects:

  • Increase the Td/Tdap vaccination rate to at least 60% in 6 months: AlEmam, Alawin, Basra, Bhandal, Sharif, Al-Afghani, Patcha, Al-Hanayneh
  • Increase evaluation of patients with BMI > 30 to 70% over 6 months:  Hsu, Liang, Dischert, Calvin, Jampana, Moise, Hudali, Vohra, Pandit, Kohlnhofer, Xintavelonis, Burroughs
  • Increase colonoscopy screening over the next 6 months: Tayyem, Hoang V., Onguti, Niaz, Abu Minshar, Mutnuri, Al-Asad, Mannem, Gonzalez-Fraga, Uhegwu, Weikle
  • Improve microalbumin testing from 58% to > 80% in 6 months: Fisher, Khanfar, Che, Rodriguez,  Garg, Hoang C., Gandhi, ,
  • By 6/30/2013, will improve eye exam % in clinic to 75% in 6 months:  Geslani, Majchel, Zuo, Nguyen, Levin, Almomani, Alghrouz
  • In patients age > 65 or COPD, DM, CHF, immunosuppressed, increase pneumovax immunization from 44% to 70% in 6 months: Patel S., Hussain, Parekh, Schindler, Wen, Mehta, Kumar, Pilli,
  • To increase annual foot exam in diabetic patients from 40% to 60% in 6 months: Albuerne, Walia, Obulareddy, Shawar, Shaheen, Gowda, Masa'deh, Zaied, Faz, McCracken, Dada, Pan
  • In patients with diabeties, our goal is to improve microalbumin testing from 47% to > 75% in a 6 month period: Hijjawi, Bangura, Cuevas, Patel P., Hmoud, Cherry, Aljaafareh
  • To increase our screening rate for microalbumin from 30% to 60% over 6 months: Morales, Wang, Salameh, Tarawneh, Pattarini, Khan, Mulcahy
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