Morning Report
Our residency program has three different formats of morning report, from 8:00 to 8:30 AM.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and Resident Morning Report: Residents present a patient case for the other residents to work up. At the end of the case, the presenting resident discusses a PICO “Patient Intervention Comparison Outcome” question relevant to the patient, based on medical literature. The PICO question identifies a specific patient problem or population who underwent an intervention or diagnostic step, compares it with another group, and discusses the different outcomes amongst those groups.

Wednesdays - Faculty Morning Report: Residents present a case to faculty members. This allows our residents to learn how a more experienced physician would manage and work up the patient. Often residents reserve their most challenging patients for this day.

Thursdays -

  • Chiefs ITE Board Review: In the beginning of the year the Assistant Chiefs of Services will give weekly In-Training Exam board review series
  • Resident Talk: PGY-3s choose to talk about 2 different subjects each for 30 min on 2 different occasions during their third year.

in-patient curriculum staffNoon Conference
The goal of these conferences is the general education of the housestaff. Faculty and fellows from all subspecialties give lectures on a variety of topics. The noon conferences discussed in a single block will be from the same subspecialty. Each block, noon conferences will be interspersed with three journal clubs, monthly Morbidity & Mortality conferences, and monthly House Staff meetings. Food is often provided.

Journal Club
Three General Medicine journal clubs are held every month during noon conference. Medicine Consult residents discuss an article relating to inpatient care. Clinic Ambulatory residents discuss an article relating to outpatient care. These articles are distributed to both residents and faculty of the Internal Medicine Department. These conferences are attended by both residents and faculty, who bring valuable insight not only through their medical knowledge, but also through their analysis of study strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, many of the divisions of the Department have conferences and journal clubs attended by the residents on their subspecialty rotations.

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