"UTMB Mission: This mission of UTMB is to improve the health of the people of Texas and around the world."

  • Accreditation - The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC, pronounced “sacks”) is the accrediting body for UTMB. Accreditation is necessary for us to confer degrees and to receive federal and state funding. Institutions are reaffirmed every 10 years and UTMB has provided a Compliance Certification, a Focused Report, and a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) as part of the requirements for reaffirmation.
  • SACSCOC Philosophy – SACSCOC believes in peer review, institutional integrity, and enhancement of quality. SACSCOC believes student learning is paramount and faculty involvement is essential.
  • Compliance Certificate – This extensive self-study of all aspects of our institution was submitted in November 2017 and reviewed by a team of peers from other campuses in our region. These off-site reviewers found 17 areas that needed more explanation or follow-up. Those items have been addressed in a Focused Report and will be discussed at the On-Site visit.
  • On-Site Visit – On Feb. 6-8, UTMB will host an On-Site Review Committee of 12 reviewers and one SACSCOC representative. The committee is responsible for reviewing the Focused Report and the QEP in addition to requirements that can only be addressed by on-site verification. During the visit, the On-Site Review Committee will meet with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to understand issues related to compliance and the QEP.
  • What you can expect when the SACSCOC On-Site Review Committee visits UTMB on Feb. 6-8 2018:
    • You may be contacted to provide information about your department, your specialty, or how the QEP will impact you.
    • If you are scheduled to meet with the committee, bring copies of any documents that are requested and be prepared to answer questions professionally and honestly.
    • Familiarize yourself with the QEP. You may be asked to describe the focus of the QEP and what it will do to enhance student learning.