Technology Refresh Program

Refresh Information

Each department has an approved contact (Trusted Requester) that will be able to see the refreshes. Each month, the contact will log into Webtrax and designate what each asset is to be replaced with. The pending tab shows the items that need to be approved. (For complete Webtrax instructions please refer to Webtrax Instructions document) To check the ones that were already processed, click the approved tab. To check the refresh date of a particular asset, go to Webtrax and put the number in the search field. The expiry date is the date the asset is eligible for refresh. If there is no date present, the machine is a UTMB asset or it is a new asset that has not been assigned on a lease schedule yet. In addition, on a monthly basis it is recommended that the Departmental TR monitor the monthly lease items on their inventory for accuracy.

There are 9 options (see below) to choose from in Webtrax. After you choose an option, it will go into the approved table. It is then processed through IS at which time the orders are placed based on expiry date. Once the machine comes in, the user or department TR will be notified automatically of a scheduled date and time of the refresh. After the refresh is complete, the old machine will be removed by the Refresh Technician. The system will be backed up and then formatted and returned to the appropriate Lease vendor. If the system is an UTMB owned machine, the system will be returned to IS depot and the hard drive will be destroyed properly and the system will then be sent to surplus.

Please Note: If this is to replace a PC with a U-tag on it, this process will need to start a month prior to Refresh Date. If not, lease extensions on current machine may apply.

* Dell Premier, and Apple Store for University of Texas Medical Branch web site require registration if you are not currently registered with the site.

Please contact Jack Blankenship,, George Soto, or Scotty Floyd, for assistance if necessary.