Data Jack Activations & Cabling Services

Data Activations

For data equipment to operate, the data port on a telephone jack must be activated. If a data jack is not available for the desired location, please contact us through the Telephone, Data Video Request Form to request a quote and schedule an installation appointment.

  • Data activations are billed to Department accounts
  • Types of data activations vary depending upon the specifications of the equipment requiring the activation.
  • Requests for activations/deactivations should be submitted on the online Telephone, Data Video Request Form. In the notes section list the type of equipment requiring the data activation; i.e., computer, printer, server, PACs, Pyxis, Thin Client, etc.
  • Data reserves the right to disconnect service after 1500 hours of inactivity.
  • There is a one-time data activation fee of $45.67. If there is not an existing telephone jack, then additional costs will be involved to install a new jack.

Data Cabling Standards

  • Only Category 5e or greater cabling is supported.
  • If an unsupported data jack is disconnected, the cable will be cut and will not be reused. If this location needs to be re-activated, a new cable will need to be installed at the customer’s expense.
  • New data cable installations will use the current industry standard, Category 6.

Projects and Remodeling

  • When an area is remodeled, demolished, or reconfigured, Information Services requests all unsupported telecommunications cabling be removed and replaced with approved telecommunications cabling at the project’s expense.

Custom Upgrades

  • Information Services will work with a department to develop telecommunication cabling upgrade projects as necessary. These can be requested using the link above.