Web Design Services

Administrative Information Systems (AIS) now offers web design, site maintenance, and web application development services to campus entities through a contractual arrangement with independent web design vendors. 

To begin a project, AIS staff will meet with a prospective client to gather the information needed to create a high-level scope document and estimate the hours needed to complete the project. The specification will be sent to both vendors, who will then bid on the work. If a bid is accepted, a project outline and agreement form will be created, based on the information gathered. The document will reflect the scope of work and the projected cost. 

The client has the option to decline the engagement, of course, but if the estimate is accepted the vendor will begin basic work on the site, and meet again with the client to review essential details and functionality. The vendor will meet with the client at certain milestones during the project.

Costs - Vendor rates may vary, depending on the complexity of the project, but all project costs will be borne by the client. Information Services does not charge for web site hosting.

Environment - All new informational websites will be hosted in the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS). Information Services currently offers traditional web hosting for web applications on a Microsoft platform, supporting sites written in HTML and ASP.NET.

Please contact AIS Software Development Solutions at IS.SDS@utmb.edu for more information or to arrange a project estimate.