IS Telemedicine

As the leader in Telemedicine related technology we at ISVO are ready to help you in consulting, collaborating, purchasing, installing and supporting your Telemedicine technology. A few of the Telemedicine services we provide:

  • Consultation and research into the best products for your needs.
  • In-house demos of some of the latest and greatest telemedicine technology.
  • Install, set up and troubleshooting of ISVO supported telemedicine equipment.
  • Through some of our experts in Telemedicine, we can also assist with protocol development and consultation on regulatory and policy issues.

Approximate Prices for some of the Telemed products we offer

  • USB Stethoscope: $1,800.
  • USB Horus scope Handle with Video screen $1,300.
  • Otoscope Lens for Horus scope Handle $1,000.
  • Surface lens for Horus scope Handle $1,000.
  • General Lens for Horus scope Handle $500.
  • Anterior Lens for Horus scope Handle $1,000.
  • Ophthalmoscope Lens for Horus scope Handle $7,100.
  • Portable Telemed kit w/ 32" display on portable cart, PC w/ polycom realpresence, Videoconference equipment and all above peripherals Approx $23,000

Currently the HIPAA compliant telemedicine system ISVO supports is Polycom codec video conferencing units and the associated RealPresence software for PCs. However future support for cloud based systems will also be available. Please email ISVO at or call (409) 772-5200 to set up assistance with your Telemedicine needs.