Video Conferencing

ISVO has an extensive inventory of Tele and Video conferencing technology on campus, hospitals and clinics and throughout the state.

  • Please contact or call (409) 772-5200 to arrange your conference technology needs.
  • Make sure to include who you are connecting with and or what sites will be calling you, when you are calling and how long the call may be, as well as any special needs you may require.
  • Associated fees and policies can be found below

PolyCom CODEC Multipoint Video Conferencing Using PolyCom CODEC equipment

Multipoint video conferencing is also offered for all video users which allow the ability to broadcast conferences to multiple remote video locations per scheduled conference. Monthly service fees apply that allow unlimited access per month or per scheduled conference. This option is a great opportunity in order to save time and travel costs.

  • Videoconference: $10.00 per site/per hour. $100.00 Per month for unlimited use.
  • Teleconference (audio only)*: $10.00 per site/per hour. (*Basic long distance charges will apply if the bridge initiates a call to an off-campus site.)

PolyCom RealPresence Desktop Video Conferencing Using your personal PC and web cam

The most effective and face-to-face alternative to video conferencing is simple and most affordable. RealPresence desktop conferencing is powerful in allowing the registered users to have the ability to view each other face to face along with the ability to share data from the users desktop or laptop. RealPresence is HIPAA, H.323 Compliant for interacting with existing conferencing systems. RealPresence users also have the option to chat live online without connecting your video web camera as well as users have the ability to connect to multiple RealPresence users at any given scheduled date/time. There is a onetime set up fee of $50. Per device.

ISVO PolyCom Video Conference Equipment Rooms ISVO has ready to use video-conference equipped rooms located in Levin Hall on the 5th floor. These rooms are available for rental on an hourly basis which includes the latest technology in broadcasting live content in high definition (HD). Each room is equipped with HD cameras and microphones, computer access for power point presentations, internet access, and the ability to record each conference in WMV and MP4 formats. Each scheduled room confirmation offers onsite technical support, room set-up and conference monitoring throughout the duration of the broadcast. Multipoint capabilities are also available per scheduled room request for an additional charge. The hourly video room rental is $50.00 per hour/per room these rooms may also be used for meetings that do not require videoconferencing or other technology for a room use only fee of $25.00 per hour. Fees in addition to the room use only may apply if set-up is required for presentations.

Levin Hall 5.514 (seats 10 conference style)

Room rental includes: A single point-to-point H.323 video conference, presentation in-room PC for PowerPoint with network access, HDMI and VGA conneciton for guest laptops, digital capture recording available in WMV and MP4 formats, AMX touch panel room control, 80" smart board display, dry erase board and on-site technical support.

Levin Hall 5.521 (seats 60 max classroom seating.)

Room rental includes: 4- 40 inch Displays and a projector and screen, single point-to-point H.323 video conference, presentation in-room PC for PowerPoint with network access, HDMI and VGA conneciton for guest laptops, digital capture recording available in WMV and MP4 formats, AMX touch panel room control, dry erase board and on-site technical support.

Polycom Portable Video Systems A Polycom portable video conferencing system is available for rental for an hourly fee. This allows video conferencing from any location equipped with an active data jack. The roll-about-portable video system includes all video components needed to broadcast a live meeting with both audio and video components. The portable system is equipped with a high definition camera, HD video codec, microphone, single viewing monitor and a video operator to assist with set-up and operations of the broadcast. Rental of the video portable is $50.00 per hour with a onetime set-up fee of $80.00 will apply per event scheduled on campus. NOTE: Additional set-up fees will apply for broadcast events off campus.

Web Streaming Server Options ISVO Internet streaming servers are used for broadcasting a meeting or conference live via the internet. By using a simple web address allows remote participants to access the live video/audio stream by using their own PC with VLC, Apple QuickTime or Windows Media player. The streaming server will allow high quality content via the web for up to 1,000 on-line viewers. Recording of the stream is also made available upon request.

  • $150. per scheduled broadcast up to 2 hours. Addl fees will apply after first 2 hours.
  • $25. per hour to add the streaming and broadcast to a scheduled video-conference

Please email ISVO at or call (409) 772-5200 for further information on Video Conferencing.