UTMB Discover

Image of UTMB Discover artworkUTMB Discover is a central repository for clinical, operational, research, academic and financial data built on a modern platform that enables fast and meaningful data analysis. UTMB Discover harnesses the power of data that we already own, and uses it to generate action…fast!

In addition to aggregating UTMB's valuable data, UTMB Discover also enables rapid development of applications that provide rich insights and a visual representation of data, to uncover problems and power decisions.

Why Use Discover?

  • Faster access to clinical, financial, operational, academic and research data
  • Assurance of data integrity and quality
  • Foster independent and innovative ad hoc inquiry in domains for which no identified application has yet been developed
  • Standardization of enterprise Business Intelligence tools for reporting and analytics
  • Create data transparency to enable strategic planning and decision-making

Where does the information in the applications come from?

The UTMB Discover Enterprise Data Warehouse is composed of data collected from major computer systems at UTMB, including Epic, EPSi, PeopleSoft, Press Ganey and many others.

It is more than a warehouse in the traditional sense where information is simply stored, the UTMB Discover initiative includes the development of applications to aggregate data from all of UTMB’s mission areas into one location where it can be connected, compared and analyzed.

In essence, UTMB Discover is an enterprise data warehouse and analytical toolkit for the volumes of data generated throughout the institution, which will enable better, more efficient decision making by UTMB’s leadership while supporting front-line initiatives that improve patient care, enhance research initiatives and support our academic mission.

UTMB Discover is an internal application, requiring UTMB credentials.  Click here to learn more (UTMB Intranet only).