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iUTMB  •  Published Monday, March 4, 2013, 6:00 AM

A Message from the Office of Institutional Compliance

UTMB has recently signed a new contract with a Medicare Advantage plan, which requires our employees to adhere to specific training requirements on health care fraud, waste and abuse, particularly as it relates to Medicare Parts C & D.  Since UTMB already provides fraud and abuse training through our compliance education program, there will only be a few minor changes to our current training requirements. 

  • All UTMB employees and students will be required to acknowledge the Standards of Conduct Guide annually.  The online acknowledgment will be available via the online training system,, under the Assigned Forms section on your My Assignment page. Currently, employees and students are only required to complete this once during their orientation period. 
  • Additional information regarding CMS Parts C & D will be added to the Clinical Compliance Training, which is currently assigned to most clinical and patient billing employees.
Please contact the Office of Institutional Compliance at 409-747-8700 with any questions or concerns.