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iUTMB  •  Published Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 4:00 PM

Change coming to iUTMB on July 25

To enhance web performance and improve security and reliability, a change is coming to iUTMB.

iUTMB is the university’s internal home page for faculty, staff and students. If you are on the UTMB network at any campus or clinic, iUTMB is likely the first page that greets you when you turn on your computer at work (CMC team members have their own unique home page). iUTMB serves up a long list of commonly referenced links and employee/student news. Visitors from the public typically see our public home page or patient care site.

Although iUTMB is designed for our internal audience, it is currently available to the public. That will change on July 25, when iUTMB becomes available exclusively via our intranet. (The date has been pushed back a week from July 18 to incorporate user suggestions.)

How will this change affect me?

Most users will not notice a change. If you are on the UTMB network or using the university’s virtual private network (VPN), you will access iUTMB as you do today and it will continue to serve as your default home page.

If you are NOT on the UTMB network and try to access iUTMB, you will be taken to a new portal page that features some commonly used links and a gateway/information to log in via UTMB’s VPN.

Tell us what you think.

You can preview the iUTMB public portal now. Please use the survey link to provide feedback or ask questions.