Forms & Process

A few of the more common forms and process that are frequently used by Legal Affairs are listed below:

Contracts and Routing

The UT System Resource Manual is a good place to review the general requirements of UT System. The site also provides a good foundation to understand the reasons for UTMB's contract approval and routing process.

Do you have a contract to route for signatures?

Have you ever wondered what the process is for routing contracts? Here is a general description of the Contract Routing Process at UTMB. If you would like to request a contract be reviewed before signature, please contact one of the transaction team members:

Sylvia Gonzalez (409) 747-8742
Erin Pennington (409) 747-8721


What do do if you receive a subpoena. For more information, see Subpoenas


If you are served with a lawsuit, please contact the Department of Legal Affairs.

General Services

Legal Affairs provides several other helpful services. For more information, see General Services

International Affairs

Please visit International Affairs for specific policies and procedures.

Public Information Requests

Please visit UTMB's Institutional Policy Handbook for information regarding requesting public information.