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Allergens, Gulf Coast Environmental Panel:(LAB002128) (8000101517)
Test Mnemonic:

Allergens, Gulf Coast Environmental Panel

Specimen Requirements:
Test Included:

Allergens contained in panel: Cat, German Cockroach, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides farinae, Dog, Feathers, Mouse Urine Protein, Alternaria, Aspergillus, Bipolaris Spicifera, Cladosporium herbarum, Penicillium, Rhizopus nigricans, Aureobasidium pullulans, Curvularia lunata, Fusarium proliferatum, Mucor racemosas, Kentucky blue/June, Meadow fescue, Orchard/Cocksfoot, Perrenial Rye Grass, Red top, Sweet vernal, Timothy, Bahia, Bermuda Grass, Johnson Grass, American Elm, Ash/White, Bayberry/Waxmyrtle, Box Elder, Cedar Elm, Hackberry, Maple/box elder, Mesquite, Mountain Cedar, Mulberry, Oak, Pecan Hickory, Red Cedar, Sweet Gum, Sycamore, Willow (black), Common Ragweed, False Ragweed, Careless Weed, Goldenrod, Cocklebur, Sheep Sorrel, Elglish Plantain, Lamb's Quarter, Nettle, Pigweed, Sage Brush/Wormwood, Russian Thistle, Scale/Lenscale, Total IgE.


Routine venipuncture.  Serum (SST, Red Top, RST).

Minimum Volume:

5 mL


Delivered to Sample Management within 2 hours of collection.

Specimen Preparation:

 Allow specimen to clot completely at room temperature. Centrifuge to separate serum from cells within 2 hours of collection.


Refrigerated for 7 days.  Frozen indefinite (avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles).

Causes for Rejection:

Specimen quantity not sufficient, incomplete and/or incorrect sample identification, improper storage/transport, incorrect tube type.

Reference Range:
Turnaround Time:

48-72 Hours




Special Chemistry

Clinical Indication:

For use as an aid in the clinical diagnosis of IgE mediated allergic disorders in conjunction with other clinical findings.

Patient Preparation :


CPT 4 Code:

Specific IgE: 86003  Total IgE: 82785

When ordering tests for which Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement will be sought, physicians should only order tests that are medically necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of the patient. Components of the organ or disease panels may be ordered individually. The diagnostic information must substantiate all tests ordered and must be in the form of an ICD-10 code or its verbal equivalent.
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