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Test Mnemonic:


Specimen Requirements:
Test Included:

Reticulocyte percent, absolute count, and immature retic fraction (IRF), Reticulated Hemoglobin Content (RET He)


Routine venipuncture; Collect in EDTA (lavender tube). Micro-collection is acceptable.  The specimen should be collected to the appropriate fill volume stated on the collection tube.  The minimum volume required is 90% of the stated tube volume.


EDTA (lavender tube). Micro-collection is acceptable.


Room Temperature 4 hours.  If testing cannot be completed within 4 hours sample must be refrigerated at 2-8° C.


Stable Refrigerated for 24 hours.

Stable Refrigerated for 24 hours.

Causes for Rejection:

Clotted, old specimen, QNS,  sample Identification errors, wrong anticoagulant.

Reference Range:

By report (reports may vary based on instrumentation, patient age and sex)

Turnaround Time:

 STATS: 1 hour.  Routine: 4 hours.


Flow Cytometry.


Samples are accepted 24 hours per day at Sample Management, 7.412 CSW.

Samples are accepted 24 hours per day at Sample Management, 7.412 CSW.

Clinical Indication:

Assess rate of red cell production; effective versus ineffective erythropoiesis.

CPT 4 Code:



If applicable, state clinical information that is required to be provided with specimen

When ordering tests for which Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement will be sought, physicians should only order tests that are medically necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of the patient. Components of the organ or disease panels may be ordered individually. The diagnostic information must substantiate all tests ordered and must be in the form of an ICD-10 code or its verbal equivalent.
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