Video Production Marketing & Communications

We collaborate with experts across the institution to use video as a tool to inform and educate the campus and the community about the amazing work done here at UTMB.


The Marketing and Communications’ video production team takes a comprehensive approach to the production process to relay appropriate messages to intended audiences.

During pre-production, we conduct research, formulate interview questions, design messages and write scripts.

Production consists of shooting interviews and supplementary footage, referred to as b-roll, to effectively communicate the message. Our team had the agility to shoot on-location – whether it be on the main campus in Galveston or at some of the mainland clinics and facilities – as well as in our studio at Levin Hall.

Our team has access to a state-of-the-art video editing suite with some of the latest and most powerful software where we cut and polish the raw footage into a cohesive, efficient and effective message. Once completed and approved, the final product is then distributed via UTMB websites, social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or to local, state and national media outlets, as appropriate.

In addition to providing full video production services, our department also has the capability to connect with media outlets across the globe for live or tape-delayed broadcasting using a Dejero v-set transmitter – the latest live and remote technology available to network broadcasters.

Marketing and Communications is also leading a task force of video producers and users from across the university in an effort to set video production practices and standards to be adopted across UTMB. Collaborating with video producers, computer technicians and engineers from various departments, we are working to implement new technologies and production guidelines in order to reach our audiences more effectively, improve patient satisfaction, increase brand recognition and strengthen brand identity.

Areas Served / Scope of Work

Winners of the 2012 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Constituent Relations, we are committed to supporting our institutional priorities as described in The Road Ahead. Our time is typically dedicated to the following priorities:

  • Media Experts
  • Physician Profiles
  • Internal Communications
  • Media Relations – News pieces regarding research, patient care and education
  • Marketing – promotion of academic programs and clinical services

Our Team