Wlodek M. Bujalowski, PhD Professor

Wlodek M. Bujalowski, PhDDepartment of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
5.138D Medical Research Bldg
Route: 1053 | Tel: (409) 772-5634 | Fax: 772-1790 | wbuajalow@utmb.edu


Great interest in the mechanism by which proteins interact with nucleic acids results from the extreme importance of these interactions for many vital cellular processes including replication, recombination, repair, transcription and translation. We have a long-term interest in quantitative understanding of the structure-function relationships in protein-nucleic acid interactions in solution. Such understanding can be achieved through rigorous thermodynamic, kinetic, and structural (spectroscopic) studies of both macromolecules and their relevant complexes. The current major projects in our laboratory focus on:

  1. Quantitative molecular understanding of the mechanism of a replicative helicase.
  2. Quantitative determination of the mechanism of DNA substrate recognition by a DNA polymerase. Both helicases and polymerases are two classes of essential enzymes involved in DNA metabolism.