B.BarksdaleBryan Barksdale
UTMB/UT-Austin Dual Degree Student
Year in Program: GY5*
Undergrad University: University of Texas - Austin
Mentor: Theresa Jones, PhD
Graduate Program: Neuroscience

Bryan Barksdale

Improving rehabilitation after brain injury by enhancing neuroplasticity through non-invasive methods
  • Dean's List 2007, 2008, 2009, University of Texas - Austin
  • F Gonzalez-Lima, BR Barksdale, JC Rojas. (2014). Mitochondrial respiration as a target for neuroprotection and cognitive enhancement. Biochemical Pharmacology 88 (4): 584-593.
  • A Auchter, J Williams, B Barksdale, MH Monfils, F Gonzalez-Lima. (2014). Therapeutic benefits of methylene blue on cognitive impairment during chronic cerebral hypoperfusion. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 42 (s4): S525-S535.
  • Physicians for Ancestral Health 2016 Winter Retreat - "Ketogenic Diets and Ketone Bodies in Treatment of Neurotrauma"