John  Davis_adjJohn Davis
Year in Program: MY2
Mentor: Susan Weller
Graduate Program: PHS

John Davis

John is interested in using health outcomes big data to influence United States health policy interventions, especially screening and preventive medical care for cardiovascular disease. He is currently working on a meta-analysis studying the relationship between statin use and associated adverse events, which he hopes to use to advocate for more liberal statin use as a primary prevention tool. Additionally, he takes interest in pharmacogenomic screening and outcomes data. His primary passion is preventive medicine and improved standard of care for the underserved.
  • William Osler Scholar Finalist 2019
  • Albert Schweitzer Fellow 2018-2019
    Selected to present at the American Medical Association’s 2018 Research Symposium in Washington D.C., 2018
  • Selected as reviewer for narrative medicine pieces for Journal of American Board of Family Medicine and Annals of Family Medicine, 2018
  • Outstanding Patient Centered Care Research Award (Sealy Center: 2018)
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award for St. Vincent’s Clinic 2018
  • Michael DeBakey Scholar 2017
  • William Hillis Scholar 2016
For more information on research activity, please see the ResearchGate profile here.