SOM Preclinical Preceptorships

Course Title
Family Medicine Statewide Preceptorship - Year 3
Course Number
Prerequisites: Successful completion of year 2 
      Additional Requirements: Orientation is mandatory, no exceptions! Orientation will take place in the Department of Family Medicine in mid April. Contact Shannon Samuelson ( for further information
Responsible Faculty Director:
Victor Sierpina, MD
Other Faculty:
Available Dates
• 4-week block: 4/26/2021 - 5/21/2021
• 4-week block: 5/24/2021 - 6/18/2021
Application Submission Deadline
Maximum Enrollment
No Cap

Where and to whom the application should be submitted
 Students must fill out an application on-line. The URL for the Website is The website has been designed to meet the needs of several groups of users (students, preceptors, school administrators, and the program administrator). The primary function of the website is to enable potential preceptors and medical students interested in seeking a family practice preceptorship program to learn about the program on the Internet, apply for a user ID, complete an application, match their interests, and complete a survey. Telephone inquiries can be made to Shannon Samuelson (772-3120). Students are matched on a first-come, first- served basis. ALL INTERESTED STUDENTS WILL BE MATCHED. The contact person in Austin is Juleah Williams ( or, Student Resident, New Physician and Membership Coordinator - Texas; Academy of Family Physicians, 12012 Technology Blvd., Ste. 200 Austin, Texas 78727; Phone is 512.329.8666 ext. 35, fax is 512.329.8237.

Goals & Objectives
 Students will work with a practicing physician either in the State of Texas, or by special request, anywhere in the U.S. Students may choose from a list of approximately 200 physicians, or may recruit a physician who may be known to them. Students may review physician profiles to help match with a physician who best fits the studentís goals.

Description of course activities
 Experiences range from shadowing the physician in the clinic and hospital to performing simple procedures or participation in delivering babies. Housing is available at some sites. Physicians apply to this program through the Texas Statewide Preceptorship Program coordinated through the Texas Academy of Family Physicians in Austin, Texas.

Method of student evaluation
Check all that apply - complete appropriate section(s) only:
1.  Clinical Observation
  A. Frequency - How often are students observed clinically?
  B. Format - What method(s) are used to document the student's clinical performance?
    Daily oral feedback   End of period oral feedback   Written feedback   Other

2.  Oral Presentation
  A. Audience - To whom does the student present?
    No oral presentation
  B. Frequency / duration of presentation(s)?
  C. Format - What guidelines are set for the student's presentation?
  D. Assessment - Who assesses the student's presentation performance?
    Self-assessment   Peer assessment   Faculty assessment
  E. Method of content selection
    Current cases   Student-selected topic   Assigned topic

3.  Written Assignment (H&P's, notes, papers, abstracts, etc.)
  A. Frequency of written assignment(s)?
    No written assignments
  B. Format - What guidelines are set for the student's written work?
  C. Length of written assignment(s)?
    Abstract   Annotated bibliography   1 - 2 page paper   3+ page paper
  D. Are recent references required?
    Yes           No
  E. Method of content selection - e.g. student-selected, relate to cases, etc.?
  F. Audience - Who assesses the studentís written performance?
    Peer Assessment     Faculty Assessment     Other

4.  Extra Course Activities
  What expectations do you have for the student to demonstrate participation in the course (e.g. small group activities, seminars, thoughtful questions, providing resources, journal club, etc.)?
    Orientation is mandatory, no exceptions! Orientation will take place in the Department of Family Medicine in mid April. During this orientation, the students will have the opportunity to speak with faculty about what to expect during the preceptorship, how to act in difficult situations and how to get the most out of the preceptorship experience.

5.  Other Modes of Evaluation
  Please explain below.
  Students are given feedback from the preceptor they are working with during the month. The evaluation forms are provided from the Texas Academy of Family Physicians in Austin, Texas. They are filled out on line by the faculty and the student.


6.  Stipend Availability
  Yes           No           Maybe