SOM Preclinical Preceptorships

Course Title
Obstetrics/Gynecology Preclinical Preceptorship
Course Number
Prerequisites: Successful completion of year 1 
      Additional Requirements: The student is then responsible for meeting with the preceptor prior to the rotation to discuss what the students responsibilities will be based on the course description goals and objectives.
Responsible Faculty Director:
Sangeeta Jain, M.D.
Other Faculty:
Available Dates
• 4-week block: 4/25/2022 - 5/20/2022
• 4-week block: 5/23/2022 - 6/17/2022
Application Submission Deadline
Maximum Enrollment
No Cap

Where and to whom the application should be submitted
 Students interested in participating should apply in person to the Education Coordinator's Office, at 312 Clinical Sciences Building. Completed applications should be submitted to: Mrs. Brandie Denton (409) 772-2897, Applications and requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Goals & Objectives
 Develop rapport with patients, conduct patient interviews, develop history-taking skills, orally present those as well as complete written SOAP notes. Develop physical examination skills, and confirm findings on patient examinations. Comprehend medical procedures performed and techniques used by the physician whom he or she had observed. Explain the rationale used in making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan. Interview a patient with a single complaint. At the supervising physician's discretion, perform a single organ system examination. Understand the roles of allied health professionals in the practice and be familiar with procedures they perform. Develop an understanding of practice management (the business side of the practice) which involves staffing, billing procedures, scheduling, record keeping, and personnel policies. Realize the value of accompanying the physician on hospital rounds, taking call, and visiting other locations where the physician practices. Understand the importance of participation in local, county, or state medical society/medical staff meetings. Appreciate the role of the physician in the community and the importance of participating in community events.

Description of course activities
 The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology sponsors a preclinical preceptorship program. Students will work with a practitioner in the program who best matches their interests and location preference. Students will accompany the practitioners in their daily activities, which may include office-based patient care, hospital rounds, deliveries, surgery, teaching conferences, meetings and other activities. Students will be encouraged to become actively involved in patient care activities as their level of training permits. Students will be responsible for choosing and finding his or her own preceptor. A list of the faculty, their subspecialty and how to contact them is provided to the student in the preceptorship application packet. All OBGYN physicians are very interested in working with preceptorship students. The supervising physician must be Board Certified/Board Eligible in Obstetrics and Gynecology. We prefer a physician affiliated with a medical school. Program sponsor, Sangeeta Jain, M.D. must approve the preceptor. Students will present preceptor information to Mrs. Brandie Davis, Coordinator, for approval by Dr. Sangeeta Jain. The preceptor information must be completed and approved two weeks prior to beginning the rotation.

Method of student evaluation
Check all that apply - complete appropriate section(s) only:
1.  Clinical Observation
  A. Frequency - How often are students observed clinically?
    Varies depending on the preceptor.
  B. Format - What method(s) are used to document the student's clinical performance?
    Daily oral feedback   End of period oral feedback   Written feedback   Other

2.  Oral Presentation
  A. Audience - To whom does the student present?
    Assigned Preceptor
  B. Frequency / duration of presentation(s)?
    Daily on 2-3 patients
  C. Format - What guidelines are set for the student's presentation?
    Standard SOAP note form
  D. Assessment - Who assesses the student's presentation performance?
    Self-assessment   Peer assessment   Faculty assessment
  E. Method of content selection
    Current cases   Student-selected topic   Assigned topic

3.  Written Assignment (H&P's, notes, papers, abstracts, etc.)
  A. Frequency of written assignment(s)?
    2-3 written SOAP notes daily
  B. Format - What guidelines are set for the student's written work?
    Standard SOAP note form
  C. Length of written assignment(s)?
    Abstract   Annotated bibliography   1 - 2 page paper   3+ page paper
  D. Are recent references required?
    Yes           No
  E. Method of content selection - e.g. student-selected, relate to cases, etc.?
    Related to current cases
  F. Audience - Who assesses the studentís written performance?
    Peer Assessment     Faculty Assessment     Other

4.  Extra Course Activities
  What expectations do you have for the student to demonstrate participation in the course (e.g. small group activities, seminars, thoughtful questions, providing resources, journal club, etc.)?
    Initial encounters in the office Student accompanies physician into examining rooms for patient office visits Preceptor allows student to witness/confirm findings on physical examination Preceptor explains rationale of diagnosis and management plans to student Preceptor asks student to read and report on a disease process witnessed Subsequent encounters in the office Preceptor allows student to interview patients with a single complaint (e.g., sore throat) Preceptor allows student to perform a single organ system exam (e.g., heart) Interaction with office-based health care professionals Allow student to observe nurse-visits (BP checks; glucose monitoring) Supplemental student activities Accompany physician on hospital rounds Accompany physician to medical staff/medical society meetings Observation of medical procedures (endoscopy, biopsies

5.  Other Modes of Evaluation
  Please explain below.


6.  Stipend Availability
  Yes           No           Maybe