SOM Preclinical Preceptorships

Course Title
Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation Preclinical Preceptorship
Course Number
Prerequisites: Successful completion of year 1 
      Additional Requirements: Successful completion of year 1
Responsible Faculty Director:
Vinod Panchbhavi, M.D.
Other Faculty:
Available Dates
• 4-week block: 4/25/2022 - 5/20/2022
• 4-week block: 5/23/2022 - 6/17/2022
Application Submission Deadline
Maximum Enrollment

Where and to whom the application should be submitted
 Applications should be submitted online per SOM guidelines

Goals & Objectives
 To provide a learning environment for those medical students interested in pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery. Introduce students to the principles and practice of orthopedic surgery. Introduce students to the skill sets required to be a successful orthopedic surgeon including the appication of simple casts and splints. Give the students a broad and detailed outlook of what it is like to be a practicing orthopedic surgeon in an academic environment and interaction with residents, paramedical staff, cast technicians, OR crew, including time in the outpatient clinic, during didatic lectures conducted once a week which is a department wide meeting. Offer students oppurtunity to discuss, get involved, observe clinical or basic science on going research projects.

Description of course activities
 Students will be assigned to a clinical service and will work with the residents and faculty on the wards, in the clinics, and in the operating room. There will only be six students selected each month to do the UTMB preceptorship at this time.

Method of student evaluation
Check all that apply - complete appropriate section(s) only:
1.  Clinical Observation
  A. Frequency - How often are students observed clinically?
    Every day has interaction with attending faculty
  B. Format - What method(s) are used to document the student's clinical performance?
    Daily oral feedback   End of period oral feedback   Written feedback   Other

2.  Oral Presentation
  A. Audience - To whom does the student present?
    On some orthopaedic services an oral presentation is mandatory - the student presents to the orthopaedic attending faculty and residents on the service
  B. Frequency / duration of presentation(s)?
    Once during the rotation
  C. Format - What guidelines are set for the student's presentation?
    Power Point presentation
  D. Assessment - Who assesses the student's presentation performance?
    Self-assessment   Peer assessment   Faculty assessment
  E. Method of content selection
    Current cases   Student-selected topic   Assigned topic

3.  Written Assignment (H&P's, notes, papers, abstracts, etc.)
  A. Frequency of written assignment(s)?
    H & P, SOAP, case summary on one interesting case per week
  B. Format - What guidelines are set for the student's written work?
    Power point format
  C. Length of written assignment(s)?
    Abstract   Annotated bibliography   1 - 2 page paper   3+ page paper
  D. Are recent references required?
    Yes           No
  E. Method of content selection - e.g. student-selected, relate to cases, etc.?
    Related to the interesting case selection
  F. Audience - Who assesses the studentís written performance?
    Peer Assessment     Faculty Assessment     Other

4.  Extra Course Activities
  What expectations do you have for the student to demonstrate participation in the course (e.g. small group activities, seminars, thoughtful questions, providing resources, journal club, etc.)?
    Weekly didactic attendance on Wednesdays between 7:00am and 9:00am at the League City Campus (currently Virtual due to Covid 19) Students will be given their schedule for the rotation on their first day of the rotation. Due to changes in clinics/OR's, schedules may change.

5.  Other Modes of Evaluation
  Please explain below.
  Student will work with residents & faculty in orthopaedics and get direct feedback on a daily basis. Students will be required to provide course evaluations to Kathryn Gwinn who will maintain a record.


6.  Stipend Availability
  Yes           No           Maybe