FY 2018 NCBA Departmental Seminar Series
Unless otherwise noted, all Seminars are at noon in the Basic Science Auditorium, Room 2.212, Basic Science Building




Dr. Mengsheng Qiu, University of Louisville. Title: "Origin and molecular specification of oligodendrocytes in the CNS" 9/20/17 Dr. Krishna Bhat
Dr. Kamel Kahlili, Temple University. Title: “Synergism between CRISPR/Cas9 and Long Acting ART leads to elimination of HIV-1 with no rebound in humanized mice” 11/8/2017 Dr. Shao-Jun Tang
Dr. Stephen Roper, University of Miami. Title:  “The Enigma of How Taste Signals are Transmitted from Tongue to Brain: Breaking the Code” 11/29/2017 Dr. Yu Shin Kim
Dr. P. Hemachandra Reddy, Texas Tech University. Title:  “TBA 12/6/2017 Dr. Krishna Bhat
Dr. Roger Sorensen, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA/NIH). Title:  “An Insider’s View: Writing Your Successful NIH Application” 1/31/2018 Dr. Shao-Jun Tang
Dr. Shilpa Buch, University of Nebraska Medical Center. Title: “TBA” 2/28/2018 Dr. Shao-Jun Tang
Dr. Ru-Rong Ji, Duke University School of Medicine. Title: “Pain regulation by non-neuronal cells with special focus on cancer cells” 3/7/18 Dr. Yu Shin Kim
Dr. Linda Phillips, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. Title: “TBA" 3/14/18 Dr. Ping Wu
Dr. Michael Gold, University of Pittsburgh. Title: Migraine and Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy or pain in everywhere 4/25/18 Dr. Yu Shin Kim
Dr. Saraswati Sukumar, Johns Hopkins Hospital. Title: “TBA" 5/9/2018 Dr. Pomila Singh