Englander's Lab


Ella Englander, Ph.D., Professor

  • Ph.D. in Developmental Biology, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Post-Doctoral: Mammalian DNA Damage and Repair, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

  • The primary research interest of our laboratory is in molecular/cellular mechanisms involved in maintenance of genomic integrity and energy homeostasis in the nervous system under normal and compromised conditions, including hypoxia, acute smoke inhalation and chemotherapy:

    • Generation of transgenic mouse with neuron specific expression of neuroglobin, a neuroprotective oxygen binding heme protein: a model of neuroprotection in hypoxic brain injuries.
    • Delineation of capacity and fidelity of DNA damage repair in terminally differentiated long-lived postmitotic neurons in the central and peripheral nervous system.
    • Development of metabolic reprogramming as a strategy for prevention of mitochondrial injury induced in dorsal root ganglia (DRG) neurons by circulating chemotherapeutic drugs to avert chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN).
  • Zhuo M, Gorgun MF, Englander EW. Augmentation of glycolytic metabolism by meclizine is indispensable for protection of dorsal root ganglion neurons from hypoxia-induced mitochondrial compromise.  Free Radic Biol Med 99:20-31, 2016.

    Gorgun MF, Zhuo M, Englander EW. Cisplatin Toxicity in Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons is Relieved by Meclizine via Diminution of Mitochondrial Compromise and Improved Clearance of DNA Damage. Mol Neurobiol 54:7883-95, 2017

    Zhuo M, Gorgun MF, Englander EW. Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerase Kappa is Indispensable for DNA Repair Synthesis in Cisplatin Exposed Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons.Molecular Neurobiology 55:2506-15, 2018

    Zhuo M, Gorgun MF, Englander EW.  Neurotoxicity of Cytarabine (Ara-C) in Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons Originates from Impediment of mtDNA Synthesis and Compromise of Mitochondrial Function.  Free Radic Biol Med 121:9-19, 2018

    Gorgun MF, Zhuo M, Dineley KT, Englander EW.  Elevated neuroglobin lessens neuroinflammation and alleviates neurobehavioral deficits induced by acute inhalation of combustion smoke in the mouse.  Neurochemistry Research  44:2170-2181, 2019

    Hypoxia potentiates the capacity of melanoma cells to evade cisplatin and doxorubicin cytotoxicity via glycolytic shift.  Zhuo M, Gorgun FM, Tyler DS, Englander EW. FEBS Open Bio. 2020 May;10(5):789-801

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