The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston announced that Alexander Vo has returned to serve in the new role of vice president for telemedicine and health services technology. 

Vo has extensive expertise in telemedicine and health services technology that will be vital to UTMB’s efforts to develop innovative care delivery models in a health care environment that is rapidly evolving. 

In his new role at UTMB Vo will direct efforts to research, develop and implement health care innovation in the academic setting and the health system. He will also coordinate all telemedicine related research and work closely with UTMB’s health policy and legislative affairs team. He will work directly with the president and executive leadership.

“Dr. Vo’s work holds tremendous promise in helping us increase access to quality health care, coordinate care among providers, manage increasing health care costs, address work force shortages, and ensure quality service and safety for those we serve,” said Dr. David L. Callender, president of UTMB. “It will also provide opportunities for UTMB to develop important strategic partnerships to advance our mission to serve the people of Texas and around the world”

Vo previously was UTMB’s executive director of the Center for Telehealth Research and Policy and associate professor of preventive medicine and community health. He is returning to UTMB from Colorado Access where he served as chief executive officer of Access Care Technology LCC and Access Care Services LCC, as well as vice president of electronically mediated services. 

Vo has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology from Loyola University in Chicago, as well as a doctorate in psychology from the University of Denver. He completed a medical research fellowship at Walter Reed Institute of Research in Silver Springs, Maryland, in 2004.