The clinical study of extended lunar living and long-term space travel brought NHK Television, Japan's public broadcaster, to UTMB on Friday, June 13. Reporter Ayako Kumei with cameraman Tetsuji Nishi interviewed Dr. Don Powell, director of UTMB’s General Clinical Research Center, and several bed rest study participants, including Marques Butler, who is pictured in the video. Extended bed rest is now understudy at UTMB; it mimics the conditions of a no or low-gravity environment. UTMB physicians and NASA scientists in a partnership with Wylie Laboratories are gathering data on earth to learn what may happen to astronauts who are traveling in space for up to two years or living on the lunar surface for an extended period. What they learn may lead to interventions allowing space travelers to keep strong muscles and bone and to forego the pain associated with blood and fluid pooling during space travel. Japanese Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide is currently onboard the Space Shuttle “Discovery,” creating renewed interest in space exploration in that country.