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Monday, December 21, 4:31pm News ReleasesFeaturesSpecial Messages

By Wendy Allen The holidays are here and for many that means buying gifts to go under the tree. So we’re taking notice of some unusual gifts that can be troublesome for the recipient and family. Let’s start with amphibians (frogs) and reptiles (turtles) that are housebound pets and... more »

Monday, November 2, 1:56pm News ReleasesSpecial Messages

A los niños de 12 años y los menores de esa edad que no sean pacientes, no se les permitirá el acceso al hospital ni al departamento de emergencias. Para proteger a los pacientes, empleados, estudiantes y visitantes durante esta época inusual de gripe, la Facultad de... more »

Wednesday, April 15, 4:09pm Special Messages

Department managers are asked to assess their readiness for a weather emergency as UTMB prepares for the 2009 storm season, according to Dr. Joan Richardson and Mike Megna, institutional emergency preparedness officers. “We are not completely recovered from Hurricane Ike and will not be by... more »

Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 Records   (Page: 1 of 1)
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