Presentation Preparation

All submissions via the NSRF website must not be over the 2500 character count. The character count includes spaces. Some formulas may increase the character count. Once submitted, there is no ability to edit the abstract. To see a sample abstract, please follow this link.

We strongly recommend that all materials vital to your presentation be hand-carried while traveling to the NSRF, and that you also bring a backed-up version of those materials. DO NOT bring laptops, as UTMB auditoriums are equipped with computers and updated technology for use with PowerPoint presentations.  Please note that A/V technical support will also be available to assist you, if necessary.

Oral Presentations

15 minutes will be allotted for each paper, and the time limit will be RIGIDLY ENFORCED.  Participants MUST limit their presentations to 10-12 minutes, with remaining time for discussion. Oral presentations will be judged on content, audiovisual aids, and the participant's ability to answer questions.

Poster Presentations

All poster presentations will be considered for Poster Presentation Awards, provided the first author listed on the abstract is the presenter. Poster presentations will be judged on their content, clarity, and the ability of the researcher to handle questions. Judges will circulate through the poster session during the judging. The authors will be required to briefly present their posters to the judging panel.

  1. Please make your poster 72 inches (w) by 44 inches (h) and include sections as follows:
    • the subject under consideration and its significance
    • the means and materials used
    • a summary of the results presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusions
    • the significance of the results and their applicability to broader fields of knowledge
    • references

  2. The title of the poster, ID#, the name of the participant and the location at which the research was performed should appear at the top of the display in a space at least 20cm high. CAPITALIZE THE ENTIRE TITLE.
  3. All illustrations should be professionally finished. Hand drawn figures are strongly discouraged.
  4. Posters are to be attached to the boards with thumbtacks.* NO paste, glue, staples, or nails are permitted.
  5. Judges will circulate through the poster session during a specified period of time during the Forum. Posters will be judged on their adherence to the stated guidelines, content clarity, and the ability of the researcher to handle questions