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Accomplishments and Research

Fellowship Matches:
2017 - 4 residents matched into (3 MFM, 1 CC/MFM).
2016 - 1 resident matched into MFM.
2015 - 3 residents matched (Urogyn, MFM, REI)
2014 - 3 residents matched into (3 MFM).
2013 - 4 residents matched into (2 MFM, MIS, Onc, Urogyn).

Participation at National Scientific Meetings by Residents

2016-2017 Academic Year:

2014/ 2015:

N Am Forum Family Plan, AAGL

Resident Research and Annual Awards:

Amber Klimczak, MD, PGY2 - “Long-Term Outcomes for Prolapse Repair After Different Routes of Hysterectomy. A Population-Based Cohort Study” Mentors - Mostafa Borahay, MD and Gokhan Kilic, MD.
Sarah Rogan, MD, PhD, PGY4 “Fluid Responsiveness during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy “ Mentor - Luis Pacheco, MD
Teryn Driver, MD PGY 4 - “ A Retrospective Chart Review of the Factors Influencing Completion of Hysterosalpingogram after Essure Placement” Mentor - Pooja Patel, MD
Laura Bradley, MD PGY 4 - “Breastfeeding Basics for the Postpartum Patient“ Mentor - Independent
Alicia Sanders, MD, PGY4 - “An Updated Analysis of Essure Outcomes “Mentor - Pooja Patel, MD
Michelle Song, MD, PGY4 - Project: “The 3-Minute Discharge “Mentor - Mary B. Munn, MD
Burak Zeybek, MD, PGY3 - “Comparison of Long Term Impact and Clinical Outcomes of Reduced Dose vs Standard Dose Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine in The United States: A Database Study” Mentor - Ana Rodriguez, MD
Tiffany Redfern, MD, PGY3 - “Prophylactic Salpingectomy at the Time of Sterilization: A Missed Opportunity for Cancer Prevention in Patients Treated in US Residency Programs?” Mentors - Lyuba Levine, MD and Gwyn Richardson, MD
Parin Patel, MD, PGY3 - “Obstetric Patient Preferences on How They Are Addressed During Their Labor & Delivery Admission” Mentor - Virginia Rauth, MD
Chasey Omere, MD, PGY3 - “The Impact of Low Dose versus High Dose Antibiotic Prophylaxis Regimens on Surgical Site Infection Rates after Cesarean Delivery” Mentors- Antonio Saad, MD and Mauricio La Rosa De Los Rios, MD

Allie Evans MD PGY4 - “Comparison of pregnancy outcomes in teenager versus women of advanced maternal age” Mentor - Pooja Patel MD and Kristofer Jennings PhD
Yasmin Wilkinson MD PGY4 - “A Retrospective Chart Review of the Impact of Contraception Counseling on Postpartum Contraceptive Choice in Teen Pregnancy” Mentor - Pooja¬† Patel MD
Zaid Diken MD PGY3 - “Timing of embryo transfer (ET) after hysteroscopic polypectomy; does it really matter?” Mentor - John Crochet MD and¬† Ana Rodriguez MD
Luis Monsivais MD PGY3 - “Does antenatal testing of fetus with congenital heart defect lead to premature delivery?” Mentor - Lexi Hill MD, Michel Makhlouf MD and Tony Wen MD

Crystal Alvarez MD PGY4 = “Characteristics of Teen Pregnancies in Southeast Texas and Opinions of Contraceptive Availability in High School Clinics” Mentor - Pooja Patel MD.
Emily Hadley MD PGY4 - “The Utility of Microsurgical Loupes in Performing Colposcopy: A Pilot Study” Mentor - Pooja Patel MD
Tamar Achjian MD PGY3 - “Age differences in Endometrial cancer survival for SEER reported cases from 2000 to 2011” Mentor - Ana Rodriguez MD
Tochi Amagwula MD PGY3 - “TRUCLEAR and MyoSure Hysteroscopic Intrauterine Morcellators: A Comparison of Outcomes “ Mentors- Vicki Schnell MD, John Crochet MD and Ana Rodriguez MD
Erin Conroy MD PGY3 - “Noninvasive Imaging Evaluation of Effects of Hormonal Status on Vascularization and Vaginal Tissue in Women with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction” Mentors- Tristi Muir MD and Kathleen Vincent MD
Fawzi Saoud MD PGY3 - “Early Versus Late Feeding After Cesarean Delivery: A Randomized Controlled Trial” Mentor - Antonio Saad MD
Maggie Kuhlmann-Capek MD PGY2 - “Maternal pre-pregnancy obesity and physiology of skeletal muscle in offspring” Mentor - Egle Bytautiene MD

Chapters and Text- Last 5 Years:
Case Files Obstetrics and Gynecology, 5th edition
Clinical Decision Support in Obstetrics
Clinical Updates in Women’s Health Care, ACOG
Child Abuse: Medical Diagnosis and Management
Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
Critical Care Obstetrics, 5th edition
Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Fertility Preservation: Advances and Controversies
Global Library of Women’s Medicine
Gynecology for the Primary Care Physician
Human Sperm Function Test and Sperm Bioassay in Male Infertility
Human Spermatozoa
Seminars in Reproductive Medicine Infectious Disease Clinics of North America
Introduction of Robotic Surgery Pitfalls and Future
Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring in Obstetrics
Management of High-Risk Pregnancy, 5th edition
Maternal Medicine

Neonatal and Pediatric Pharmacology: Therapeutic Principles in Practice
Precis-Obstetrics, 4th edition
PROLOG: Gynecology and Surgery, 6th edition
Protocols for High Risk Pregnancies, 5th edition
Textbook of Infertility and Assisted Reproduction
Violence Against Women

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