Office of Educational Outreach

Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program

Program Information

The Beginning Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program is designed to establish or enhance a beginning teacher induction and mentoring program designed to increase retention of beginning science teachers.
UTMB’s Program is designed to provide assistance and promote retention of 25 beginning science teachers in grades 5 - 8, by making accessible two highly qualified science instructional coaches to serve as science teacher mentors for your district.
This program allows eligible districts to assign beginning year classroom science teachers in grades 5 - 8 who have two years or less teaching experience to the UTMB program.
Galveston County area science teachers in the program will benefit from participation in this Professional Learning Community (PLC) at no cost to the district.

Program Features

The BTIM program features:
  • Classroom Walk Through (CWT) Observations
  • Coaching for Best Practices with teacher
  • TAKS analysis for data driven lesson planning
  • 3 Day Induction Conference
  • Professional Learning Community networking for support and collaboration
  • Attendance at UTMB Conference
  • Technology integration
  • Support and reports provided to campus and district administrators

For More Information

For more information, please contact Dr. Terry Talley at tktalley@UTMB.EDU.



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