Office of Educational Outreach

Other Services

With advance scheduling, additional resources can be availalbe for your educational needs. For more information, please contact our office.

UTMB Campus Tours

Due to conditions resulting from Hurricane Ike, the campus tours provided by our Office have been suspended until further notice.

Educational Resource Center

A variety of scientific equipment is available for loan to teachers, funded by Texas Collaboratives for Excellence in Science Education. Equipment is loaned to Galveston County teachers on a first-come, first-served basis. To arrange a loan and determine availability of these and other items, contact our office.

Equipment Loan Form for Teachers (Adobe; 46KB)

Items currently available for loan include:
  • Brock magiscopes (12)
  • Stereomicroscopes (2)
  • Student cam and Flexi scope for displaying microscopic views on a video monitor (TV) and recording lesson plans for future playback
  • Mortar and pestles
  • Student microscopes
  • Stop watches
  • Geology demonstration kit
  • Star projection theater (2)
  • Teaching Tank
  • Portable pH meter
  • Water cycle model activity set
  • Casio graphing calculator
  • Digital cameras
  • Balances
  • Gel electrophoresis equipment

Science Fair Judges

With sufficient advance notice, judges are provided to local schools for science fairs. To request judges, contact our office.

Science Fair Telephone Mentors

Mentors are provided to 7th-12th grade students to assist with science fair projects (limited to specific topics). To request a mentor contact our office.

Guest speakers

With advance scheduling, speakers can visit your classroom and discuss any one of a variety of topics. For more information and to schedule a guest speaker, contact our office.


Our mission is to enhance, assist, and supplement the existing recruitment efforts of students, postdoctoral trainees, residents, and faculty, with a major focus on the recruitment of under-represented minority faculty and students.



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