Student Programs

Application deadlines for the 2019 programs will be posted by February 1, 2019.

Educational Outreach Student Programs are designed to provide elementary, middle and high school students access to a wealth of basic research and clinical science information through hands-on experiences in the laboratory with cutting-edge scientific techniques. Through these programs, the UTMB scientific community plays an integral role in enhancing pre-college students’ knowledge about science and encouraging students to pursue science careers.

Saturday Biomedical Science Academy

for 4th - 6th grade students

The Saturday Biomedical Science Academy provides 4th -6th grade students with an exciting, enrichment experience that provides access to a wealth of basic research and clinical science information through hands-on experiments in chemistry, physics, space science and biology. This program stimulates student interest and enhances their scientific knowledge as well as enabling an appreciation for how creative, fun, and relevant science can be to everyday life.

Summer STEM Camp

for 8th - 9th grade students

This summer enrichment program for 8th - 9th graders from Galveston County public and private schools has been in existence since 1993. The program consists of a two-week session (8 hrs/day) provided each summer. This program provides a mechanism that allows middle and high school students to obtain hands-on experience in a broad range of science activities that will stimulate their knowledge of, appreciation for, and interest in biology, physics, physiology, health science, technology and related fields. It also increases student knowledge about the practical application of scientific concepts and principles to everyday life experiences. Students are involved in activities such as: forensics, engineering and construction competitions, data collection using hand-held devices, biotechnology, career exploration and much more. The goal is to increase the percentage of middle and high school students with the motivation and/or scientific background to pursue science or gain exposure to scientific-related fields. As a major biomedical research and health sciences center, UTMB is well suited to enhance and foster the teaching of science to local and regional pre-college students.

Summer Biomedical Health Careers Academy

This one-week experience provides a venue for high school students in the greater Galveston County regional area to explore the wide variety of biomedical and health sciences careers available at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Participants in the career academy spend five, full days on campus: exploring various careers through tours, presentations and a variety of hands-on activities in state-of-the-art learning facilities in UTMB’s School of Nursing, School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; learning about the educational requirements for these careers, how to academically prepare for them and admission processes; shadowing role models and more!

Pathfinders Program

Opportunities in health and biomedical science are growing-- fueled by the rapid advances in technology. The challenge for those recruiting for such positions is to find the right people with the required skills. Additionally, there are many other careers that can be pursued that will allow an individual to be connected to science without directly entering into traditional careers in healthcare and research. UTMB recognizes this critical need to develop a future health career's workforce. The Pathfinders Program was designed to meet this need and provides pathways for high school students in Galveston’s public and private schools to explore opportunities in health-related careers at UTMB. Through tours, presentations and field trips, the program provides access and exposure to the people and resources that make up a major health science center. Pathfinders also contributes to workforce development in Galveston and the surrounding communities. Typical activities include visits, presentations, and hands-on experiences at: the Shriners Burns Hospital; School of Nursing; School of Medicine; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy, and Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

Biomedical Research Training for High School Students

The Biomedical Research Training Program serves 10th-12th grade students nationwide and provides a stimulating, hands-on, active experience in scientific research. This increases their familiarity with the scientific process and stimulates interest in pursuing future careers in research. This program has been existence since 1984 and addresses the critical need in the United States for more scientists. Participants in the program perform a research project in a UTMB laboratory under the direction of a faculty mentor for 8 weeks during the summer. Participants have the opportunity to interact with faculty, graduate students, post-docs, and others in the program. Through a series of brown bag seminars students learn about different research projects and a wide variety of health career opportunities. All participants present the results of their research experience in oral presentations (seminar series) and in the concluding public poster session. In addition, they present their results when they return to their high schools in the fall.

STEM Career Explorations for Girls

Fifth though 8th grade girls experience science, math and technology-related careers in hands-on workshops presented by exciting, successful women mentors with a special focus on biomedical and health related careers.

Galveston County Science and Engineering Fair

The Galveston County Science & Engineering Fair is an annual event that in which 300 middle and high school students explore the wonderful world of science and engineering. Sponsored by UTMB, Galveston College, and Texas A&M University at Galveston, the fair is held on these campuses on alternating years. Participating students learned to approach their science projects in much the same way as a detective trying to solve a mystery. After selecting a specific mystery (hypothesis) to solve, students creatively design methods to uncover clues to help resolve their specific hypotheses. Students present their results formally in poster presentations and faculty, graduate, medical students, and research personnel serve as judges. Dr. Clifford W. Houston is one of three co-chairpersons for this annual event. Find more information at

James Perry Kelly Memorial Summer Science Writing Internship

The James Perry Kelly Science Writing Internship is a hands-on opportunity for a high school student from the greater Galveston County Houston Metroplex to experience professional science writing first-hand. The eight-week internship provides the student with opportunities to work with scientists on campus, learn about authentic research projects and produce information that will be used to promote the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston in the surrounding communities.