OMC News

July 2011:

New BSL2 microscopy facility at MRB.

Live Cell Confocal and TIRF Microscope.



GNL-BSL2, Olympus DSU spinning disk confocal:

OMC-DSUThis microscope, shared with the Department of Pathology, is located in the GNL-BSL2 optical microscopy core laboratory. This microscope is configured with a fully motorized inverted platform (Olympus IX81) and is equipped with an Olympus DSU slit-spinning disk confocal unit. It also equipped with a motorized stage and laser based focus stabilization system (ZDC II). This confocal microscope operates without the need of lasers, it uses a high power mercury illumination system instead. It can capture fluorescence images in 3 color ranges, blue emission (DAPI and similar), green emission (FITC, GFP and similar) and red emission (Rhodamine, Texas Red, DsRed and similar). Furthermore, the confocal spinning disk can be automatically bypassed so that the microscope can also operate as a regular wide field imaging system. In addition to multicolor fluorescence, this system can capture transmitted light images. The system is equipped with high resolution short working distance, for better performance in confocal mode, and with long working distance lenses capable of fluorescence and relieve contrast imaging in transmitted mode, which makes the system ideal for working with plastic culture substrates in wide field mode. The images are captured with a high sensitivity Hammamatsu EMCCD camera and the system is controlled by the Slide Book software (Intelligent Imaging Innovations).

Instrumentation List