OMC News

July 2011:

New BSL2 microscopy facility at MRB.

Live Cell Confocal and TIRF Microscope.



Optical Microscopy with Infectious Agents

An important components of the OMC operation is supported by the Galveston National Laboratory and scientists working in the field of infectious diseases. Providing resources for the application of advanced optical microscopy and digital imaging techniques to the field of infectious diseases and immunology is one of the priority goals of the OMC. In order to fulfill this component of our mission, the OMC includes 3 advanced microscopy core laboratories equipped to perform microscopy work with infectious agents at BSL2 and BSL3 work environments. These facilities are located in MRB (BSL2 only) and GNL (BSL2 and 3). These laboratories are equipped with resources to perform experiments ranging from live cell imaging to intra vital and tissue Multiphoton microscopy.

MRB BSL2 Live cell confocal and TIRF Multimodal Confocal and TIRF Open access. Supervision Required
Zeiss LSM510 confocal Confocal Open Access. Independent work allowed for fixed samples only
GNL BSL2 Olympus DSU spinning disk Confocal and wide field Open Access. Independent work allowed for fixed samples only
Olympus FV1000 MPE Upright system Confocal and Multiphoton Open Access. Supervision Required
GNL BSL3 Olympus FV1000 Inverted Confocal Confocal Open to GNL BSL3 users. Supervision required
Prairie Tech Ultima Invivo Multiphoton system Multiphoton Open to GNL BSL3 users. Supervision required

To perform microscopy experiments working with infectious materials users must have an approved NOU and should complete an NOU amendment form to include the microscopy lab in the project. For details contact Dr Leoncio Vergara []