Pager Services

USA Mobility pager device

UTMB offers a variety of paging devices, several coverage options and paging plans. Pagers are billed monthly directly to the department or through tuition (for students). All pagers must be leased through IS Mobile Device & Student Support to ensure compatibility with the UTMB Pager Network. To obtain a UTMB pager, you must complete a Pager Services Form.

Coverage Areas

Several coverage areas are available for each pager model.

Local (view map)
Area includes Galveston, Port Arthur, Freeport area to the south; Huntsville to the north, Beaumont to the East; and Sealy to the West
Statewide (view map)
Area includes at least a 40-mile radius of the cities of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Midland, Lubbock, Amarillo, Brownsville, and McAllen
Nationwide (view map)
Provides coverage to a wide area of the United States and within 40 miles surrounding most metropolitan cities
Lost or Damaged Pagers

We must charge for lost or damaged pagers, which includes pagers left at home. Damaged pagers are those that have water damage, damaged outer casing or cracked or damaged display. Employees will be required to get departmental authorization before replacement can be completed.

The following is a list of charges to replace a lost or damaged pager.

Waiting Area

ISOps_Pager Plans

  • Digital (Numeric) Pagers

    Digital pagers are limited to receiving numeric messages; i.e. callback telephone numbers.
  • Alphanumeric Pagers

    Alphanumeric pagers receive either text or numeric messages.
  • Two-Way Messaging Pagers

    Two-way messaging allows a user to send as well as receive text or numeric messages.
  • Waiting Area Pagers

    Alerts patients or family members when it is their time to be seen, allowing them to roam away from the waiting area.