Desktop Services Frequently Asked Questions


Departmental Trusted Requestors (TRs) are contacted monthly to verify and approve their inventory in Webtrax. Supported devices can be reviewed in Webtrax by entering the Property Tag number in the Search bar. The refresh date is located under the Refresh Info section and identified as Expiry Date.
Webtrax is the database used by TRs to track and manage leased computer equipment and pull up the refreshes for the month. Each Department has a contact and are approved to access Webtrax. Department contacts have the ability to manage their supported inventory including adding/removing support and approving computer refreshes.
Hardware standards are reviewed and approved by a standards committee quarterly. The approved hardware standards are published to the campus as recommended hardware standards.
Basic support costs are $18.50/month for on-campus computers, $28.50/month for off-campus computers and $10.00/month for thin clients. Get details and information about service response times.
It is highly recommended that you go through Information Services to order a new PC. It will be on the refresh program and also save you upfront money. But if you need to order outside of IS, you can go online to order a PC through the Dell Punchout Page in Peoplesoft. The list of standards for the university are included in the punchout. A standard model should be ordered unless approval is given.
A buyout is payment for the remaining useful life of your PC from the original Dell lease. At this time, we do not offer personal buyouts.
You can contact Information Services, the Service Desk, or you can even contact Dell directly and place the order through the Dell Punchout Page in Peoplesoft.
You can create an e-quote through the Dell Punchout Page in Peoplesoft, contact Information Services or call the Service Desk at x25200.
Yes. When a PC was up for refresh you can opt to remove the PC and send it back to Dell. If your PC is still in the lease program, you will be charged the remaining service fees so that the PC can be returned to Dell. If you have already bought out your PC, you can remove it by calling the surplus warehouse for pick-up.
You should call the Service Desk if you are having problems with your printer. A tech will come out, assess the problem and explain your options. If the printer is not under warranty and a vendor must be called for the repair, your department will be responsible for any costs associated with the repair including required parts.
From Galveston Area (409) 772-5200
From 281 Area Code (281) 554-1577
From All Other Areas (888) 898-2401
Email less urgent inquiries
Self-Service Portal
UTMB Service Desk offers 24/7 support
Every department has a Departmental Property Officer (DPO) responsible for UTMB equipment. That person will be responsible for equipment purchased by the department including PCs that have been purchased from the Dell lease program.