The Refresh Process

How It Works
  • Each departmental "Trusted Requestor" or "TR" uses Webtrax to manage computer equipment and place replacement orders. TRs can review these Webtrax instructions
  • Find a TR for your department
  • TRs will order new computer equipment when existing equipment nears the end of the lease term
  • Replacement orders are released to vendors as the lease expiry date approaches.
  • IS recommends that Trusted Requestors monitor the leased items on their inventory monthly.
The Refresh Workflow
  • TRs order new computer equipment for an employee
  • Once the order arrives, IS schedules an appointment for equipment refresh
  • An IS specialist delivers and sets up the new equipment, transferring data as necessary, and removes the old equipment
  • Replaced computers are backed up, wiped and returned to the vendor
  • For equipment actually owned by UTMB, the hard drive is destroyed and the equipment surplussed

The refresh process applies for ordering standardized computer equipment, including various Apple and Dell laptop and desktop configurations, printers, and other equipment.

To order a new or replacement PC, please follow or have your departmental procurement staff follow the steps below. If your machine is new and you wish to have it supported, please complete the information on our Add PC Request Form.

The best way to create an order for a PC or PC equipment is to :

  • Create an eQuote from the *Dell Premier Page or the Apple Store for UTMB, both of which allow you to save and manage your selections until you decide to purchase (requires creating an account)
  • An eQuote will be emailed to you and will also be available for order in the UTMB Peoplesoft system
  • If you do not have purchasing capabilities, contact your departmental representative to place the order for you
  • If you need assistance, please contact your desktop support technician at (409) 772-5200

When creating an eQuote for a new seat, please use the following delivery address:

UTMB Receiving
14th & Strand
Galveston TX 77555-1027
Special Orders
  • Create an E-quote from the Dell Premier Page or the Apple Store for UTMB
  • Once you have a completed quote, open WebTrax, select "Special Order," and paste the quote number in the space provided

Note: Dell Premier and Apple Store for UTMB web sites require user registration.

Other Refresh Options
Remove Support
If the PC is a leased asset, it will be picked up and sent back to vendor. The departmental seat will be re-classified as non-supported.
Departmental Buyout
Purchase the current machine once it is due for refresh. Costs will be provided before processing, for departmental approval. Once the transaction is complete, the equipment becomes property of your department. IS will continue to support it until a Remove PC Request form is completed.

Note: UTMB does not offer personal buyouts of existing equipment

  1. Log into Peoplesoft
  2. Go to Dell Punchout web page and select the following: (For illustrated instructions: Dell Punchout)
  3. Your order will go through approval process in Peoplesoft
  4. The PC will be delivered to the UTMB Warehouse
  5. A UTMB inventory tag will be placed on machine. This tag is required by UTMB and is necessary to receive desktop support services.
  6. The UTMB warehouse will deliver the PC to department
  7. The department contact will call the UTMB Helpdesk at (409) 772-5200 to schedule a set-up/configuration for the new PC (ALLOW APPROX 2 HRS FOR TOTAL DEPLOYMENT TIME).
  8. The new machine will be imaged and data will be transferred from the old machine (if applicable)
  9. If applicable, the old machine will be returned to Dell or disposed of in accordance with UTMB inventory policies

Please contact Jack Blankenship or Scotty Floyd for additional assistance.