UTMB Email - Managing Spam

Before email is delivered to your UTMB inbox, it is filtered through a Microsoft service called Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Mail deemed legitimate and safe is sent on to your Inbox. EOP places nuisance (spam) and potentially harmful (phishing and virus-infected) email messages in quarantine.

Quarantine queue reports are sent daily to our customers via email from quarantine@messaging.microsoft.com. Employees and students can log into the Quarantine Admin portal to view and, if necessary, release quarantined emails. Please note that whitelists for individual customers (i.e. "Report as Not Junk") cannot be supported.

To prevent a particular sender's email from landing in quarantine, complete the Email Whitelist Request. After review, appropriate address domains will be added to the UTMB-wide whitelist. Please note: email from a whitelisted domain will not be quarantined at all, which means any UTMB email recipient who has been addressed will receive the email. Therefore, we ask that you limit whitelisting to business-related email senders.