Telephone, Data and Cable Services

Service Requests
Requests for new service, or changes to existing service, should be submitted on the Telephone, Data & Video Request Form.
Telephone charges are direct-billed monthly to UTMB departments.
Reporting Issues
To report telephone problems from a UTMB campus, call the Service Desk at (409) 772-5200, select 2 for telephone or data network changes, then select 1 for repairs for telephone service, ACD, Navigator, voicemail or cabling issues. From off-campus, or out of the local Galveston area call (713) 513-3050 or toll-free (888) 898-2401.

Departments are responsible for damaged equipment or replacements. Please report missing phone equipment to UTMB Police.

UTMB supports its own telephone system with telephone switches located at Levin Hall, Shearn Moody Plaza, Rebecca Sealy Hospital, 1902 Harborside Drive (Lipton Tea and Customs House), University National Bank and Frost Bank. There are three prefixes at UTMB: 772, 747 and 266; and each switch is assigned specific blocks of numbers from the three prefixes.

A call center allows for one central telephone number to receive incoming calls, which are then answered by multiple agents.

Using Avaya Call Center Technology you can:
  • View the availability of staff
  • Make staff easier to locate and contact
  • Increase staff’s professionalism and efficiency through call and agent management
  • Applications include custom announcements, access to over 150 standard reports and offers callers the option to receive a call back without losing their position in the queue
  • Allows agents to log in and out of system at any call center station and answer calls for their department
  • Provides a single number for customers to call
  • Enables supervisors to monitor current call activity for training and quality assurance purposes

To learn more, please email the IS Service Desk or call us at (409) 772-5200 or (888) 898-2401.

For data equipment to operate, the data port on a telephone jack must be activated. If a data jack is not available for the desired location, please contact us through the Telephone, Data Video Request Form to request a quote and schedule an installation appointment.

  • Data activations are billed to Department accounts
  • Types of data activations vary depending upon the specifications of the equipment requiring the activation.
  • Requests for activations/deactivations should be submitted on the online Telephone, Data Video Request Form. In the notes section list the type of equipment requiring the data activation; i.e., computer, printer, server, PACs, Pyxis, Thin Client, etc.
  • Data reserves the right to disconnect service after 1500 hours of inactivity.
  • There is a one-time data activation fee of $45.67. If there is not an existing telephone jack, then additional costs will be involved to install a new jack.
Data Cabling Standards
  • Only Category 5e or greater cabling is supported.
  • If an unsupported data jack is disconnected, the cable will be cut and will not be reused. If this location needs to be re-activated, a new cable will need to be installed at the customer’s expense.
  • New data cable installations will use the current industry standard, Category 6.
Projects and Remodeling
  • When an area is remodeled, demolished, or reconfigured, Information Services requests all unsupported telecommunications cabling be removed and replaced with approved telecommunications cabling at the project’s expense.
Custom Upgrades
  • Information Services will work with a department to develop telecommunication cabling upgrade projects as necessary. These can be requested using the link above.