Computer & Desktop Support Services


Desktop Support Services are provided to employees and students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To request support contact the UTMB Service Desk at (409) 772-5200 or—for non-urgent issues—email

Desktop Support Services produces monthly performance detailing service levels and system availability; this information may be found on the Service Level Review Page.

  • Hardware break/fix
  • Software support for standard operating systems, productivity tools and utilities
  • Troubleshoot and remediate problems
  • MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes)
  • Install, move and change hardware and software
  • Configure hardware and software
Proactive services
  • Ensure all devices have the recommended configurations, application versions, and most recent security protection
  • Plan, execute and maintain asset management functions for supported devices
  • Safely dispose of hardware, software and data
Individual value-added services
  • Manage the standard operating system environment through the controlled release of security patches, anti-virus updates, and other software
  • Technology Refresh Program
Desktop projects
  • Support IT projects that include any service provided by Desktop Support Technicians outside of their everyday scope.
  • Desktop Projects
Standard desktop image development and support
  • Software images are developed and periodically updated by the IS Hardware & Software Standards Committee.
  • Automatic refresh/upgrades of software, driven by the need to meet minimum standards
  • Release and patch management for approved software packages
  • Standard Software Configurations
Standard laptop or desktop configurations
Full life cycle support
  • Procurement
  • Delivery and installation
  • Configuration
  • On-site break/fix and replacement
  • Level 1 technical support via UTMB Service Desk
  • Level 2 technical support via On-Site Support
  • Asset retirement, including hard drive erasure in compliance with state security standards
  • Desktop/Laptop/Mac – 48-month life cycle, replacement scheduled by Information Services.
  • Data – Refresh technicians will migrate data from the old to the new equipment:
    • Copy user profile to new equipment (settings, favorites, etc.)
    • Copy data on C: drive to new equipment
    • Reload approved applications
  • Technology Refresh Program
 Mean Time to ContactMean Time to Repair
Emergency Priority* (On Site Patient Care)N/A1.5 BHS
Emergency Priority* After Hours (On Site Patient Care)2 BHS4 BHS
Emergency Priority* (Off Site Patient Care)2 BHS4 BHS
Off Site Patient Care After Hours4 BHS8 BHS
High Priority2 BHS4 BHS
Medium Priority4 BHS8 BHS
Low Priority8 BHS16 BHS
Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs)
 Mean Time to ContactMean Time to Repair
Emergency Priority* (Patient Care)2 BHS4 BHS
Emergency Priority* (Patient Care) After HoursN/A1.5 BHS
High Priority8 BHS16 BHS
Medium Priority12 BHS24 BHS
Low Priority20 BHS40 BHS

BHS = Business Hours

PC / Laptop / Mac
Support TypeRateUnit/FrequencyDescription
On-Campus Support$18.50Monthly 
Expired On-Campus Support$23.50Monthlysupport on devices that are 3yrs+, are no longer under manufacturer warranty and are not scheduled for refresh
Off-Campus Support$28.50Monthly 
Hourly rate for unsupported devices$50.00Hour 
Setup fee for unsupported devices$100.00 One-Time 
Thin Clients
Support TypeRateUnit/FrequencyDescription
On-Campus Support$10.00Monthly 
Off-Campus Support$10.00Monthly 
Tablets (Surface / iPad / Android)
Support TypeRateUnit/FrequencyDescription
Hourly Rate for Non Supported devices$50.00Hourly 

To receive further information regarding the Desktop Support Program please contact:

IS Manager:
Chris Perry
(409) 772-3820