Videoconference Installation Price Range

Small Standard Conference room (typically 100-300 sq. ft)

Used for small groups to make web or PC-based videoconferencing calls (Lync, Skype, Real Presence etc.), review content, conduct a webinar, or just gather. Perfect for project meetings and other PC-based conferencing. It is required that a credenza or shelving unit is placed under the display to hold the videoconferencing base unit when it is not in use. When in use, the base unit will need to be placed near the center of the table top for optimal sound and microphone pick up. There is a 10-foot cable from display to base unit for optimal placement on conference table.

System Includes:
Sharp Aquos 60-inch monitor w/ built-in speakers:
Recommended size may increase and or decrease based on actual square footage of room.
USB Pan Tilt Zoom High Definition conference camera and tabletop base unit w/ speaker and mic:
This is a hardwired unit that will need to be placed in the center of table when in use.
HDMI/VGA port for guest laptop:
Ports at floor level on the wall near the display will be installed; this will allow guests to connect to display for presentations.
Keypad display control:
This keypad control will be near main light switch and will turn on TV and select the source input you will be using
In-room PC:
OptiPlex Micro 3020 PC, mounted behind the display with access to USB port from front of display. However any style, dedicated PC will work.
Wireless Mouse Keyboard:
Allows wireless control of PC from table top.
Polycom Real Presence Software:
With this software installed on the PC, users will be able to connect to other Polycom conferences
Training Session:
This includes ONE half-hour, in-person, hands-on training session and a document on typical use of equipment.
Labor to install:
Approx Cost: $6500
Medium to Large Conference or Board Room (typically 300+ sq ft)

polycom conference room

Polycom systems are useful for team meetings, client meetings and other gatherings that require a multimedia experience including access to real-time information, control of a video conferencing system and video from multiple sources.

This design includes all items listed in the small standard room as well as any upgrade options you choose below.

Note: when choosing the Polycom Codec option, the Logitech Web cam will be replaced with the Polycom products.

Total Starting Cost:
$6500 ** Plus Upgrade Options from below
Upgrade Options
Polycom Codec Group series 700 system with 3-year warranty:
Add approx. $15,000. Offers a full codec Polycom system *Must also add ceiling and mic package.
AMX control processor w/ Touch panel:
Add approx. $15,000. Offers control of entire system via a touchpad control system.
Ceiling speaker and mic package:
Add approx. $5,000. Offers ceiling mounted speakers and either table top or ceiling hung microphones.

Labor will vary based on actual system, but plan for an additional $5,000 in labor for full Polycom with AMX control system.

Please email ISVO at or call (409) 772-5200 for an installation quote.

Price may vary based on actual room conditions and clients needs. Typical manufacturer's warranty applies for all hardware. Please account for an additional $47 monthly fee for leasing the IS-supported PC. Additional parts, labor and travel time may be applicable for some break/fix and support visits. Support does not cover break/fix related to misuse or neglect of equipment. Please ask your ISVO representative for further information on this service fee.