Observation IP Cameras and Software

an array of Axis IP network cameras

Visit the Axis web site for more information on Axis, ISVO's preferred IP-based observational cameras. Please email ISVO at ishelp@utmb.edu or call (409) 772-5200 for further information on observational cameras and software.

screenshot of the Milestone software interface

ISVO's preferred observational/educational camera management software is Milestone. The Milestone system is easy to use and enables users to:

  • View live video, play back recordings
  • Investigate suspicious incidents and export video evidence

All Milestone products are designed to fulfill the requirements of any observation installation—from an observation system at a single site with a few cameras to complex, multi-site installations with a dedicated central observation center. You will be able to use the Milestone software to view any of your Milestone-enabled IP cameras with your UTMB computer, from anywhere in the world.

One-time license fee
$400 per camera
Monthly support
$20 monthly, per camera
Hardware and installation fees
Calculated as needed