IPTV Television

UTMB's recent upgrade to IPTV programming is transforming how we watch television and how patients are being cared for in their hospital rooms.

Standard, Non-Interactive IPTV at Galveston and League City campuses is a collection of 47 or more different programming channels in high definition (refer to channel line-up for specific locations below).

Interactive IPTV in patient rooms will have interactive capabilities that include 47 or more channels in high definition, a custom welcome channel, educational health care videos, digital music from a variety of genres, relaxation images and games.

In the near future, ISVO will be ready to implement the Enhanced Interactive IPTV system which will include: the ability to create our own custom channels and content, additional patient education (assigned and on-demand), menu ordering, patient schedule, caregiver information, environmental controls, movies on demand, and much more!

Standard IPTV Digital HD
$14.00/monthly per display
Interactive IPTV
$31.00/monthly per display

You may have IPTV programming deployed on your TV if you have a data connection at your TV and if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Own a standard TV with an HDMI input and an ISVO-supplied "set back box" (cost approximately $180)


  • Own an IPTV-ready TV that is compatible with the current IPTV provider in use at UTMB. We highly recommend using an IPTV-compatible TV for all IPTV locations

Please note that additional fees apply for installation and licensing (Interactive $856, Non-Interactive in public viewing areas $178, Non-Interactive in private viewing area $167), plus other associated fees ($200 system configuration fee). Please email ISVO at ishelp@utmb.edu to request further information.

Interested in bringing IPTV to your area? Here are the steps we all need to take:

  1. The client requests IPTV service from ISVO via a Service Desk ticket emailed to ishelp@utmb.edu.
  2. ISVO quotes the client the cost of the TV, install, IPTV license and ongoing monthly bill.
  3. If the TV is already purchased and/or installed, the client must give ISVO the TV's MAC address and data jack info at same time they request the quote for IPTV services.
  4. The client sends back a signed quote with an FRS # for both hardware and ongoing monthly fees.
  5. ISVO will order the license from the IPTV provider and will request data jack installation, activation and monthly billing from the Voice Team.
  6. The IPTV endpoint naming scheme will be created by ISVO and followed by Voice Team for internal billing.
  7. Once the data jack is active and the license is in, ISVO will configure the TV and head end server.
  8. Process is complete.
For use in waiting rooms, lobbies, staff break rooms:
LG Commercial Grade, LX774H series in 40, 49, and 55-inch sizes, with handheld remote controls
For use in patient rooms:
LG Hospital/Medical Grade, LX774M series in 32, 43, and 55-inch sizes, with pillow speakers or wall-mounted control units

Any other models and manufactures purchased may not be compatible with the existing IPTV system. To avoid additional fees and or hardware replacements, please contact ISVO to determine if your existing or planned TV will work with the IPTV system.

All future TV requests are required to be IPTV. We are no longer adding new analog TVs in any UTMB location. Prices do not include required hardware.

Please email ISVO at ishelp@utmb.edu to open a ticket for IS Video Operations to supply you with additional information.