About Us

Our Beginnings

  • Launched in 2002.
  • Building on community collaboration and learner input.
  • Meeting unmet needs without duplicating existing programs.
  • Linking learners to UTMB and community resources.
  • Serving in Osher National Network of 119 OLLIs nationwide.
  • Affiliate of National Institutes for Learning in Retirement Network/Road Scholar.
  • Recipient of three consecutive annual grants and a 2008 endowment of 1 million dollars from the Bernard Osher Foundation.

Internal and External Support

OLLI at UTMB Health is supported by UTMB, endowed by the Bernard Osher Foundation, and receives funding from other foundations and individual personal contributions.


Faculty - Teaching for the Love of Teaching

  • UTMB Medical, Nursing, and Health Professions Faculty
  • Current and Retired Faculty from Other Universities and Colleges
  • Community Experts


What Members Say......

"There are so many great courses offered; it's tough to choose. The classes are the best bargain anywhere. I've never been disappointed-they're always fun, interesting and useful."

"OLLI provides such a brain boost for me...as well as social interaction with peers."

"OLLI has brought me out of my shell. I'm a better reader, writer, thinker, and communicator than I ever thought possible."

"When my husband and I moved to Galveston, OLLI became our Welcome Wagon."