Excellence in Clinical Teaching Awards

This year, five faculty were selected for the Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award. This award recognizes the fundamental concept, exemplified by Sir William Osler, that the development of outstanding physicians occurs primarily in clinical settings (ambulatory or in-patient). Each recipient of the award will receive $5,000 for support of his or her professional development and/or teaching programs.

The following attributes are used to define excellence in clinical teaching:
  • Demonstrates patient-centered focus of excellent teaching and care;
  • Serves as a role model of care and compassion of learners and patients and exemplifies professional behavior; shows respect for the learner, patient, and other health care providers;
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm and enjoyment;
  • Demonstrates inquisitiveness and values inquiry;
  • Creates an enjoyable, challenging, and "safe" learning environment;
  • Sets high, but obtainable, standards;
  • Assists in the development of clinical skills, including patient history, physical exam, procedures, and clinical reasoning;
  • Integrates basic science with clinical care;
  • Demonstrates patience;
  • Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability; is open-minded
  • Provides useful and relevant feedback;
  • Demonstrates teamwork and multi-disciplinary care;
  • Is genuine.

Individuals selected will be ineligible for two subsequent years after selection.

The 2018 Awardees are:

Dr. Rafael Fonseca

Dr. Erin Hommel

Dr. Sunil Jain

Dr. Mukaila Raji

Dr. Gwyn Richardson
  • 2017 Awardees
    • Dr. Rafic Berbarie
    • Dr. Megan Berman
    • Dr. Anita Mercado
    • Dr. Victor Sierpina
  • 2016 Awardees
    • Dr. Mostafa A. Borahay
    • Dr. Kimberly M. Brown
    • Dr. Harold S. Pine
  • 2015 Awardees
    • Dr. Mohamed Morsy
    • Dr. Ashraf M. Aly
  • 2014 Awardees
    • Dr. Loretta Grumbles
    • Dr. Michael Malloy
    • Dr. Hanan Hussein
  • 2013 Awardees
    • Dr. Harold Pine
    • Dr. David McCormick
    • Dr. Sunil Jain
    • Dr. Carlos Clark
  • 2012 Awardees
    • Dr. Keith Bly
    • Dr. Cara Geary
    • Dr. Vicki Schnadig
    • Dr. Lindsay Sonstein
    • Dr. Catalina Triana
  • 2011 Awardees
    • Dr. Susan Gerik
    • Dr. Richard Goodgame
    • Dr. Anita Mercado
    • Dr. Luis Pacheco
    • Dr. Victor Sierpina
  • 2010 Awardees
    • Dr. Juliet McKee
    • Dr. Patricia Rogers
    • Dr. Judith Rowen
    • Dr. Rakesh Vadhera