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Institutional Goals and Strategies 2013-2015

1. People

Invest in our number one asset, Our People.

1.1 Attract, retain and reward outstanding faculty, administrators and staff who are committed to our goals and core values.
1.2 Provide our people with leadership and professional development opportunities to enhance their knowledge and career satisfaction.
1.3 Use market-based compensation and recognition programs to promote and reward outstanding performance.
1.4 Use annual employee evaluations to set performance expectations and provide feedback about work efforts and skills development needs.
1.5 Collect and use employee feedback to optimize employee engagement and satisfaction.  
1.6 Share effective critical information about UTMB’s strategic vision and direction at all levels of the organization.

2. Quality

Expand and improve our quality, safety and service management systems to enhance the value and impact of our education, research, clinical care and institutional support programs.

2.1 Promote a culture of high reliability and trust by continuously improving quality and safety.
2.2 Hold every member of the UTMB community accountable for acting with integrity, compassion and respect towards one another and those we serve.


3. Education

Deliver highest quality educational programs to advance learning and leadership development.

3.1 Provide high quality and innovative educational programs and curricula that are continuously improved based on state and nationally recognized standards and metrics.
3.2 Develop the infrastructure and identify the resources necessary to increase student enrollment and augment student success.
3.3 Expand interprofessional educational opportunities to improve collaboration in patient-focused health care.
3.4 Enhance the transparent reporting of student and faculty outcomes to improve and recognize outstanding performance.
3.5 Educate our patients, families and key communities about attainment of better health.


4. Research

Expand the impact and excellence of our research programs.

4.1 Focus on leveraging our strengths and opportunities to raise our NIH rankings and maintain research funding.
4.2 Grow collaborative research partnerships to expand our capacity for multidisciplinary research.
4.3 Improve the infrastructure that assures high quality research and outcomes.
4.4 Optimize management of research space.
4.5 Support and promote technology transfer and commercialization of research discoveries.
4.6 Increase the number of clinical faculty involved in translation and clinical research.


5. Health System

Extend the capabilities of our health system to support our academic programs and offer access to the highest levels of patient care.

5.1 Create and implement transformative clinical delivery systems that advance patient access and clinical efficiency, strengthen our support systems, and position UTMB well in a reformed health care environment.
5.2 Enhance access to primary care and specialized patient care services to support our academic mission and address the health needs of Texas and the communities we serve.
5.3 Develop a long term contractual arrangement with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice that provides offender care without deficit spending by UTMB.


6. Strategic Management and Growth

Position ourselves for success through effective strategic management with prioritized, outcomes-driven investments in research, education, patient care and institutional support programs.

6.1 Revitalize our enterprise capabilities by modernizing, repairing and strengthening of our facilities and support systems to sustain our mission.
6.2 Develop concepts, plans and proposals for construction of new facilities or new renovations of existing facilities in support of our plans and needs.
6.3 Prioritize resources to advance UTMB’s mission and goals.
6.4 Promote a culture of innovation and agility to adapt to the changing environment and markets.
6.5 Optimize the configuration of mission and support programs needed to address the changes associated with Health Policy and Health Care Reform.
6.6 Ensure transparency and value by sharing key financial data, quality and operational metrics to improve accountability, fact-based decisions and organizational performance.
6.7 Work with UT System administration to pursue overall system efficiencies with development of approaches and policies for optimal strategic resource management.

7. Financial Success

Advance our financial strength

7.1 Meet or exceed the institutional adjusted margin and maintain adequate cash reserves.
7.2 Improve our operational budget development process.
7.3 Enhance our long term capital planning process to improve alignment with our strategic plans.

8. Community

Improve health locally, nationally and worldwide through strong collaborative relationships.

8.1 Collaborate with local, state and national leaders to address our strategic challenges and opportunities in order to achieve long-term success.
8.2 Engage key stakeholders to support our education, research and health care missions.
8.3 Develop partnerships to assess and improve the health of the populations we serve.
8.4 Strengthen awareness of UTMB’s programs and services.
8.5 Develop increased philanthropic commitments to support our critical mission initiatives.