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Dr. Quinn's Online Textbook of Otolaryngology: Grand Rounds Archive

The History and the Process

Origins: In the 1980's, the resident physician, under supervision of faculty, made a formal presentation on a particular topic to the assembled faculty and other residents. The talk was based on a written outline, and was accompanied by appropriate slides. As personal computers and software became more readily available, the resident prepared a CD that contained the text and later, the slide show. When the university's network became available, Dr. Quinn began putting the written outlines on the network . 

In 1989, Dr. Quinn gave a Grand Rounds Presentation entitled "Information and Medicine". In 1995, Dr. Quinn gave a Grand Rounds presentation on "The Internet". The format, as you will see, was a strictly text-based presentaton -

Before Internet browsers such as the early Netscape became available, the residents' outlines were accessed by a protocol called "gopher".

  • To see "Early Grand Rounds", please click HERE.
  • To see a slide-show that illustrated the early history, click HERE.

World Wide Web: When the World Wide Web (WWW) became available, Dr. Francis B. Quinn, Jr. developed a UTMB website called "Dr. Quinn's Online Textbook of Otolaryngology: Grand Rounds Archive" -- http://www.utmb.edu/otoref.  Over time, the resident physician's presentation in the form of an outline evolved, becoming formal manuscript and excellet slide-shows. Computerized manuscripts and slide-shows are submitted to Dr. Quinn who edits them, and then to Melinda Quinn, who formats and standardizes the appearance of manuscripts and slide-shows for publication on the Internet. 

Entries into Dr. Quinn's Online Textbook: Granc Rounds Archive are announced by sending email to .otohns@OTOHNS.NET - a moderated list-server whose members are worldwide otolaryngology professionals, students, and other interested parties and institutions.

An entry on the webpage shows the TITLE of the presentation, followed by links to TEXT files and SLIDE PRESENTATIONS. The reader can view/download these files.

History preserved: Dr. Quinn began providing Internet access to Grand Rounds presentations in about 1989. Early Grand Rounds are preserved as “1989-1994 Earlier Grand Rounds”. These plain-text files are usually in outline form. These files were accessed by a protocol called “gopher”. Slide-show-files were not usually preserved until about 1997. Faster Internet access, faster computers, and better software make possible the current popularity of "Dr. Quinn’s Online Textbook of Otolaryngology: Grand Rounds Archive". Dr. Quinn receives email from otolaryngology professionals all over the world to thank him for making current information available to all.

Dr. Quinn' early presentations to faculty and residents about early access to the Internet:
- Information and Medicine
1995 - The Internet

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