biomedical2Center for Biomedical Engineering

Working on the leading-edge of technology, researchers at the UTMB Health Center for Biomedical Engineering are exploring new and better ways to diagnose and treat eye diseases like retinopathy and macular degeneration.

The multidisciplinary team uses state-of-the-art imaging technology to conduct preclinical and translational research. Currently the team is focused on promising new drugs, better ways to deliver drugs and new imaging technology for earlier disease detection.

According to Dr. Massoud Motamedi, center director, "One exciting area of development is a new imaging instrument. We are applying technology developed by astronomers to look at the stars to examine individual photo receptors in the back of the eye to evaluate disease progression."

Our Mission

The Center for Biomedical Engineering provides an effective organization for research and training in a strong multi-disciplinary environment. Our mission is to improve the quality of health care delivery through the advancement of bioengineering and biotechnology. We achieve this goal by:

Developing cooperative research and teaching relationships between UTMB Health medical faculty and bioengineers at UTMB Health and other Texas universities

Providing graduate and postdoctoral students with a means to conduct their research endeavors alongside experienced physicians, scientists, and biomedical engineers

Establishing strategic alliances with industry partners to enable access to advanced technology and facilitate the process of technology transfer

Attracting funding for research and training from diverse organizations


The UTMB Health Center for Biomedical Engineering was established in 1989 as one of the UTMB Health Centers of Excellence and part of the School of Medicine. The structure of the center pairs biomedical engineers with clinicians and basic scientists to achieve common research goals and serves as an outstanding vehicle for the success of diverse research activities.

Under the direction of Director Massoud Motamedi, investigators at CBME have ongoing, active collaborations with colleagues in the School of Medicine, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and the School of Allied Health.