Nobby C. Mambo, M.D.

Nobby C. Mambo, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology;
Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Galveston County Medical Examiner Office

University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-0609

Office: (409) 935-9274
Fax: (409) 935-8305

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Nobby C. Mambo, M.D.

Professional Education

Degree Institution Field of Study Graduation Year
M.B. C.H.B.

University of Rhodesia and studied for University of Birmingham

F.R.C.P. Canada Anatomic Pathology 1976

Professional Affiliations

  • Canadian Medical Association
  • American Society of Clinical Pathologists
  • College of American Pathologists
  • International Academy of Pathologists (U.S./Canada Division)
  • National Association of Medical Examiners

Research Interests

Medical student and post-graduate medical education.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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